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tiNhearT . tiNhearteD


tiNhearT – tiNhearteD

tiNhearT is the bedroom project of Brighton songwriter Piers Blewett. Started in 2011 as an idea to explore concise and melodic song writing, the first tiNhearT release was a well-received covers EP of Dan Amos songs, one of the original influences behind the project. Piers self-released his first EP of original material called tiNhearteD in early 2012 receiving radio play on BBC 6music whilst garnering some good press both in the UK and US, among them long-time supporters of Piers’ band Stick In A Pot, Neon Filler, who called him “..one of the UK’s most promising and genuine singer songwriters.” This EP has now been re-mastered for re-release by Three Sixty Records. Piers is currently developing new material for his next release.

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“..one of the UK’s most promising and genuine singer songwriters.” Neon Filler

Review of EP on SYFFAL

tiNhearteD is an ep of flowing, considerate songs that don’t beat you over the head nor talk down to you. They’re like putting your hand out of the window of your car on an old highway on your way to nowhere.

Music, good well-written, well-played, thoughtful music has become a reassurance that no matter how deeply I feel about the ever unfolding events of my life, there’ll always be some dude who sings way better than I can who feels that shit too. And I find that extremely comforting.

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Release Date: Sept 10th 2013
Artist:  tiNhearT
Release: tiNhearteD
Genre: Folk
CAT No: TSD421
Label: Three Sixty Records
Format: Digital
Distributor: Orchard – Digital
Territory: Global Release
UPC: 888002779373
Mastered: Graham Shrimpton