Confessions of a Burningman - Various

Confessions of a Burningman – Various

Confessions of a Burning Man investigates the evolution of a generation driven by technology and social/environmental responsibility. The object of this documentary is to raise awareness of Burning Man in a positive light. The media today is notoriously sensationalistic, focusing on appearance rather than content.

Confessions of a Burningman – Soundtrack Various

Genres: Soundtrack

Release Info

Release Date: Out Now
Artist: Various
Release: Confessions of a Burningman
Genre: Soundtrack
CAT No: TSD369
Label: Three Sixty Records
Format: Digital & CD
Distributor: IODA – Digital
Territory: Global Release
Album Art: Darkhorse


01. Darkhorse – Crash & Burn (intro)
02. Kdub – Adaptations – 4.52
03. Balanced Output – Like Pleasure – 4.43
04. Darkhorse – Temple Of Tears – 5.41
05. Darkhorse Deluxe – Six To The Eight – 4.52
06. Runaways UK – Awakenings – 2.37
07. Fishbunny – Crash & Burn (Vocal) – 4.16
08. Runaways UK – Soul – 4.33
09. Darkhorse – A.R.I.A.N 5 – 8.28
10. Darkhorse – Crash & Burn The Burn
11. Darkhorse – End Song (vocal version, featuring Israel) – 7.43

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Album Notes

This documentary follows four people on their first visit to the Burning Man Festival, a gathering of over 25,000 people in the desert of Black Rock, Nevada, where they erect a makeshift city that becomes an open forum to express art, culture and creativity. Directors Paul Barnett and Unsu Lee capture the spirit and scope of Burning Man in a way that transports viewers to the event to experience it for themselves.

The score of Confessions of a Burning Man was produced and written by Graham Shrimpton a/k/a Darkhorse of Three Sixty Records in San Francisco. The music created for Confessions of a Burning Man was a year in the making, with many talented musicians helping in the recording, including Paulo Manuelle, Peter Mayer, Jonny Downer, Michael Dipiro and Megan McCoul. The Songs “Crash and Burn,” “End Song” and “Temple of Tears” were all inspired by, and scored to, the film.

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