Runaways UK - Progress

Runaways UK – Progress

Though the members of Runaways U.K. were unfortunately lumped in with the ubiquitous trip-hop genre (a.k.a. instrumental hip-hop), they didn’t get the fame and fortune of others like Portishead and Massive Attack. Perhaps this is because A.J. Kwame and Joe 2000 don’t embellish their records with tortured sirens wailing that nobody loves them or croon darkly about angels with dirty faces–instead they rely on raps and samples. But like the aforementioned groups, the Runaways U.K. do harness beauty and the beats with equal cunning. Soaring symphonies caress tough punches, jazz inflects but doesn’t infect, and just when you’ve forgotten that this is a hip-hop record, a swift wiggedy-wiggedy whack slaps you upside the head like a bittersweet turntablist symphony. –Tricia Romano

Runaways UK – Progress

Genres: Turntablism/ Beats / Hip Hop

Release Info

Release Date: Out Now
Artist: Runaways UK
Release: Progress
Genre: Turntablism/ Beats / Hip Hop
CAT No: 360-10320
Label: Three Sixty Records
Format: Digital, CD, VINYL
Distributor: ORCHARD – Digital
Territory: Global Release
Album Art: Chris Offili


01. Do What You Wanna Do  – 4.42
02. Express Delivery (feat. Masta Ace)  – 4.08
03. Progress  – 5.11
04. You Don’t Understand (feat. J-Zone) – 4.35
05. Momentum – 4.06
06. Pounds 4 Dollars (feat. iriscience) – 3.05
07. Awakenings  – 2.37
08. Broken Love (feat. Sylvia Powell)  – 4.27
09. Sanctuary Part 2 – 4.41
10.Reflections (feat. Tye Phoenix) –  4.36
11. Soul – 4.33
12. In The City  – 3.38

Artist Bio

AJ Kwame and Joseph 2 Grand are the Runaways UK, a duo who have spent their 17 year partnership on the run from musical mediocrity. The pair met in Brighton in 1991, forming the visionary outfit RPM (or Revolution Per Minute) a year later. RPM released a string of singles on the fledgling Mo Wax imprint, and toured Europe alongside James Lavelle and DJ Shadow. AJ’s wide- ranging musical abilities and Joe’s deck wrecking skills leant RPM a unique edge as a plethora of ‘Trip hop’ groups rose in their wake. In 1995 AJ & Joe changed both name and label, becoming the Runaways UK and finding a new home in Ultimate Di-lemma Recordings in the UK and Three Sixty Records in the USA. Highly acclaimed singles led the way to their debut LP Classic Tales, a musical tour de force that was the culmination of the Runaways UK quest to forge a truly British hip-hop sound. The album featured striking cover art in the form of a painting of a calming, typically English pastoral scene. This attention to presentation has been carried over to Progress, their 2nd album, where the duo have enlisted the help of the Turner Prize winning artist Chris Ofili in exclusively providing a unique cover artwork. This album also features a diverse collection of very special guests Masta Ace, Iriscience, J zone, Tiye Phoenix, Sylvia Powell and Matt Cooper(Outside). The Runaways UK and their music have travelled worldwide and forged relationships with a host of like-minded artists. Their golden remix touch has graced tracks from DJ Zinc, Doctor L and Emiliana Torrini, Cyclops 4000 Sir Menelik/Scaramanga/Chewbacca Uncircumcised etc), Mos Def and Talib Kweli, Kid Loco, Killer Priest, Flash and the Pan, Belles of Monica, Pressure Drop. And exclusive tracks for labels Catskills, Blue Juice, Grand Central and Nuphonic and Three Sixty Records.

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