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We love getting feedback on our music, send away!

If you are an artist sending music please read! We are trying to help you get noticed.

  1. Please check out our current artists music, to get a general idea of the music we like before sending us any A&R requests. We are very open minded in regards to music. Emails telling us how great you are with no music links are of no use to us or you.
  2. Please read your email before sending, it is very important how you introduce yourself.
  3. Please do not send MP3’s, just links to your top 5 tunes on the web (try to minimize the impact on time you are asking the person to give, when listening to your stuf.) If you need a site to use for sharing music try Soundcloud, it’s free, and we dig it!.
  4. We can not give you feedback on your songs.

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