Jonny Alford - Escape

Jonny Alford – Escape

Armed with an acoustic guitar, a mandolin and a pot of gravy granules for percussion, Jonny Alford has produced an album of timeless uplifting songwriting. With tinges of folk and country but without the indulges of either, Jonny’s songs have a simplistic beauty which speaks for themselves. His music is the perfect soundtrack to this summer with its sun soaked harmonies and lifting melodies. Jonny’s music has already been used on tv by the BBC/PBS series Monarchy: The Royal Family at work. Which is in the top 10 DVD sales in the UK at the moment, in the documentary Freedom Fuels by Mofilms and by Apple for its Telluride Film festival podcast about the film festival.

Jonny Alford – Escape the Requiem

Genres: Folk / Indie / Folktronica

Release Info

Release Date: Out Now
Artist: Jonny Alford
Release: Escpae the Requiem
Genre: Soundtrack / Various / Indie
CAT No: MMR001
Label: Menial Monkey/ Three Sixty Records
Format: Digital, CD, Reel to Reel
Distributor: IODA – Digital
Territory: Global Release
Album Art: Jonny Alford


01 It Won’t Be Long – 3:54
02 Quiet Places – 4:46
03 I Can’t Close My Eyes – 3:20
04 Remover – 4:11
05 All That You’ve Got – 3:31
06 Now & Then – 3:31
07 Wainbody Ave – 4:06
08 On the Road Three Wheels – 3:00
09 Gone – 4:07
10 Smile – 2:25

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A message from Jonny
“I started recording early. There’s a tape of me playing ‘Peggy Sue’ aged 3 years old. I studied composition at Coventry and then at Birmingham. Coventry being the inspiration for the song ‘Wainbody Ave’ – it was the road that led to the college and it had the freakiest trees all the way up it. The ones that have had the branches cut thick and straight so they look awkward and stunted yet strangely imposing. The ones I’ve drawn are a bit friendlier looking than the real ones. At Birmingham I played a lot of Gamelan music, which is good for the soul and gentle on a hangover. For most of my time as a student I kind of forgot about writing songs and mainly wrote contemporary classical music, finished my degree then immediatley returned to writing simple guitar music, oh well…Somewhere along the line I also played with the Birmingham band Delta for about a year. I appear briefly on the album ‘Hard Light’. Since then I’ve been doing a few gigs around London, Reading and Bucks, often with Chris, Dave and Steve(the band) backing me. ENJOY.”

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