Brombaer & Phole - The Jungle Sessions EP

Brombaer & Phole – The Jungle Sessions EP

Brombaer and Phole combine to create some lovely acoustic electronic music for their debut release on Three Sixty Records. They arrive with a popular following on soundcloud.

Is a producer and pianist from Groningen, in the North of the Netherlands.

At 18 he got his first piano lessons and a year later started to produce downtempo beats as “Phole”. Inspired by the piano lessons Phole became interested in jazz. Phole is inspired by more experimental music, and has created a great collaborations with “Brombaer” called Globo. Since spring 2011 he is working on a new album called “Philosphy of opposite land” which will be finished around Late 2012.

Since the beginning of 2011, Groningen, Netherlands.

Brombaers Website

Big love for Exploring the possibilities of creating music with all kinds of sounds: computer, keyboard, guitar, field recordings, percussion, and all kinds of other instruments and or household objects such as pots & pans. And a big love for Relaxing & Atmospheric sounds.

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Computer with keyboard, mic and vst, like omnisphere.
Guitars, classic, spaans, electronish, banjo
Fieldrecorders, pots & pans, household opjects
Melodica, some kind of flute and some other “we don’t now that name” instruments.