Phole - Pleasing

Phole – Pleasing

“Phole writes melody driven jazz trip hop that is lovingly produced and manages to allow you to either pay attention or drift off.”

Is a producer and pianist from Groningen, in the North of the Netherlands. At 18 he got his first piano lessons and a year later started to produce downtempo beats as “Phole”. Inspired by the piano lessons Phole became interested in jazz, which you can hear in his first trip-hop EP “Pleasing.” At the moment Phole is inspired by more experimental music, and has created a unique collaboration with “Brombaer” called Globo, Since spring 2011 he is working on a new album called “Philosophy of opposite land” which will be finished around Autumn 2012.

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Release Date: Aug 28th 2012
Artist: Phole
Release: Pleasing
Genre: Electronica/Jazz/Trip Hop
CAT No: TSD410
Label: Three Sixty Records
Format: Digital
Distributor: IODA – Digital
Territory: Global Release
UPC: 847108045966
Mastered by Graham Shrimpton

1 Just For This Moment 1:26 – USBTX1200038
2 Brain 4:08 – USBTX1200037
3 So Much BullS#!t 3:57 USBTX1200041
4 Boattub 3:05 USBTX1200036
5 Sailcat 3:42 USBTX1200040
6 Right Away 4:10 USBTX1200039
7 Swingmeermin 3:02 USBTX1200042
8 About Her Belly 2:50 USBTX1200035

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