Sr Mandril - Terragroove

Sr Mandril – Terragroove

Sr. Mandril follow up their debut album with a new release named Terragroove. It was recorded and produced at Media Luna in Mexico by Ramsés Ramírez and mixed by Ramsés Ramírez and Gerry Rosado.

Artist Summary

Genres: Latin / Electronic / Jazz

Release Info

Release Date: Out Now
Artist: Sr Mandril
Release: Terragroove
Genre: Latin / Electronic / Jazz
CAT No: TSD395
Label: Three Sixty Records
Format: Digital, Reel to Reel
Distributor: IODA – Digital
Territory: Global Release
Album Art: Darkhorse

1. Tierra 6:06 USBTX0910018
2. Soy 3:42 USBTX0910019
3. So Simple 3:42 USBTX0910020
4. Funky Monkey 5:04 USBTX0910021
5. Nino Esacial 6:44 USBTX0910022
6. Mi Gente 5:00 USBTX0910023
7. Perro Groovero 3:13 USBTX0910024
8. Wake Up 4:11 USBTX0910025
9. 80’s 5:36 USBTX0910026
10. Viens 4:23 USBTX0910027
11. 80’s (Darkhorse Rmx) 8:10 USBTX0910028

Artist Bio

Sr Mandril was born in 2000 when Germán González and Ramsés Ramírez decided to mix their musical ideas. The resulting sound has electronic undertones mixed with organic instruments creating a sonic image of colors, sounds and influences that go from acid jazz and ambient to latin. Sr Mandril spend a lot of time on the road at various festivals and venues around South America, also performing at the Festival for International Jazz in Montreal in 06, and 08.

After releasing their debut album to great reviews by the music media, Sr. Mandril follow up with their strong new release Terragroove. It was recorded and produced at Media Luna in Mexico by Ramsés Ramírez and mixed by Ramsés Ramírez and Gerry Rosado. This new album again is a fusion of genres covering acid jazz, funk, folk and rock with electronic and latin percussion.

“We could just say how great we feel this album is, but it’s better you hear for yourself, just how far this band has come since its debut album.” 360

FESTIVALS: “Festival de Jazz de Montreal 2008” (Montreal 2008), “Festival de Jazz de Santa Lucía” (St. Lucia 2008), “Small World Music Festival” (Toronto 2007), “Festival Internacional de Jazz de Montreal 2006” (Montreal 2006), “Festival Luminaria” (México 2006), “Festival Puerta de Las Américas” (México 2006), “Festival Sueño Verde” (San Luis Potosí 2005), “Festival CumbreTajín” (Veracruz 2004), “Festival Xcéntrico” (México 2004), “Festival del Despertar” (Morelos 2003)


“With an excellent mix of lounge and acid jazz, Sr Mandril conquered the audience in both presentations at the 27th edition of the Montreal International Jazz Festival. Ramsés Ramírez and Germán González captivated the audience with their music…”


(THIS IS THE SOUND OF MEXICO RIGHT NOW) Sr. Mandril have a goal: merge electro elements with thoroughly live guitar, bass, keys and percussion. The payoff: a crossbreed of acid jazz, ambient, lounge, trip hop and house with latin rhythm and flair. This is the sound of Mexico right now.

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