Phole - Oppositeland - Out Now

Phole – Oppositeland – Out Now

Phole Oppositeland

Phole follows up with a new album “Oppositeland” after his last “Pleasing”. On “Oppositeland” Phole takes a more electronic approach to his melody based productions which manages to allow you to either pay attention or drift off with it in the background.”

If you think about oppositeland, the first things that come to mind are for instance: Every one is walking backwards, every thing is upside down, you talk in an opposite language and you are wearing your clothes inside out.

But if you think about it a little longer you’ll soon discover that it goes a bit deeper. Your senses will get messy as well, you can hear smelly things and taste sound waves and amplitudes. Eventually you’ll learn that there is actually nothing in oppositeland, that we do have in normal life. And vice versa. All of life’s impossible-to-answer-questions will be answered in oppositeland. At the same time oppositeland can describe a less abstract story about the present and the future, where all natural life is left behind and everything is turned in mechanical and synthetic material.

Phole is a producer and pianist from Groningen, in the North of the Netherlands. At 18 he got his first piano lessons and a year later started to produce downtempo beats as “Phole”. Inspired by the piano lessons Phole became interested in jazz, which you can hear in his first trip-hop EP “Pleasing.” At the moment Phole is inspired by more experimental music, and has created a unique collaboration with “Brombaer” called Globo, Since spring 2011 he is working on a new album called “Philosophy of opposite land” which will be out May 7th.

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Release Date: May 7th 2013
Genre: Electronica/Trip Hop/Jazz
CAT No: TSD416
Label: Three Sixty Records
Distributor: Orchard – Digital
Mastered by Graham Shrimpton

1 The Beginning
2 Going In
3 Oppositeland
4 Catching Up
5 Vision
6 Carnivale
7 Reaching the End
8 Mechanism
9 About To Get Nuts
10 Open

This story is translated in a journey trough oppositeland with an album, animated visuals/video clips by Beun & Haas visuals, and a combined live act.
Check out the promo video and other oppositeland video material by “Beun & Haas visuals”
Oppositeland Video [click here]