Space Funghi Project

Space Funghi Project

“With an abstract flow, reminiscent of Miles Davis after a long night on cocktails, playing over Red Holt, in the Mos Eisley Bar. “

The unique programming and production of their music, along with the blending of live instrumentation (drums, bass, guitar and sax), mixing many different styles and moods together, creates the resulting hybrid of electro/ lounge/ ambient/ drumn’bass/ and jazz(now thats a lot of genres all in one), but you have to hear it to, for yourself. Their music helps paint a picture of the spectacular sunsets in the bands’ native sunny Mexico.  All trained musicians (and you can here that down to the drums), these guys met while working on a TV show in Mexico. During the break when they jammed they had an idea that now is The Space Funghi Project.

Space Funghi Project create a unique sound, with great production, that lays somewhere in-between Amon Tobin and Underworld.


Dr. Panic : Gtrs and Programming

La Luchis Drums : Drums

Capt’n Turbina : Sax

Mr. Pink : Electric Upright Bass