Space Funghi Project Elektrik Psilosybe Experience

Space Funghi Project Elektrik Psilosybe Experience


“Space Funghi Project Sound like a night out listening to Red Holt, Miles Davis and Malo Playing together, with a long cocktail session in the Mos Eisley Bar.”

Album Notes

With an abstract flow, reminiscent of Miles Davis after a long night on cocktails, playing over Red Holt, in the Mos Eisley Bar. The unique programming and blending of the live instrumentation (drums, bass, guitar and sax.) mixes many different styles and moods together.

The result is a hybrid of electro/ lounge/ ambient/ drumn’bass/ fusion and jazz (now thats a lot of genres all in one).

Their music helps paint a picture of spectacular sunsets in the bands’ native sunny Mexico. In fact, the music is like a visual kaleidoscope that takes the audience through a fusion of sounds and sights(try it on good headphones!).

Space Funghi Project begins in 2001, when all the members were playing on a Mexican TV show as a sessions musicians , they would get together and jam a bit in between shows, these jams lead to Rodrigo booking a jam out session in PAC Audio Studios, where the band worked on playing live human played loops for hours and recorded with 2 ambiental microphones. There were a total of 20 recorded sessions, then Dr. Panic spent 1 year trying to fuse the electronic psychedelic sounds together with the human touch. The result is the sonic experience that is Elektrik Psilocybe Experience!


Dr. Panic: Guitars, Loops Noises and Programing,

Laluchis : Drums, Acoustic Drums

Mr. Pink : .. Electric Upright-Bass .. ..

Capt’n Trubina : .. Saxophones .. .. .. ..

Special guests and collaborators : PP Moran : Piano; Carlos Matute : Piano; Monica Zuñiga : Vocals;  Isabelle Malchioni : Vocals; Scratches : Dj Alex Adissi.


Artist: Space Funghi Project

Title: Elektrik Psilosybe Experience

Cat no: TSD391

Format: Digital

Genre: Electronic/World/Latin

UPC: 844185063197

Distributor: IODA

Artwork: Darkhorse

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01 Moran’s Jam
02 Funk5
03 Funky Monkey
04 Acapulco Cocktail
05 Mary Jane in My Mind
06 Space Train
07 Cosmonaut
08 Billy Big Mouth
09 Electrik Psilocybe Experience
10 The Great mighty Mushroom
11 Multicolor Cow
12 Peaceful and Quiet

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