Guidance EP - Support James Bernard

Guidance EP – Support James Bernard


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It is tough writing this, usually it’s a quick process bashing out a one sheet, but not this release. James is a good friend as well as a artist on Three Sixty. James’s wife Nicole had a long protracted fight with Acute Myeloid Leukemia and had received a Bone Marrow Transplant., Ultimately beating it, only to loose her fight, after contracting from an infection from contaminated water, after work was carried out on the water system in their neighborhood, when her immune system was still re-growing. An end that should not be! A couple of days after Nicole passed, James wrote an email to Olivia Broadfield.

Hi Olivia,
Thank you so much for understanding and for sending your love and strength.
I was thinking that something written in first person like messages from a mother figure to children.. lessons of life that she would be telling them.. about love…about what they will be when they grow.. how they will find love and lose love.. succeed and fail.. laugh and cry.. and through it all will learn that is what life is about.. the extremes of emotion.. and the mark you leave on others
I dunno.. that was just stream of consciences stuff…
To me.. whatever you feel might convey some hope and guidance that could be heard by not only our 4 children.. but anyone looking to refill their soul through music.. while possibly shaking their tush on the dance-floor as well!
Hope I am making sense.. it’s ben a rough night of very little sleep.

Olivia wrote the lyrics to Guidance & Courage and gracefully agreed to sing. The song is a message from Mom to kids for the future.  My Inspiration and Never Let You Go, were both inspired/written also during those days, and James stays true to his sound, not veering, yet creating beautiful electronic songs.

All income from these songs will go into the trust fund set up for the Children.

James Bernard has a long and critically well received career in music, he works for Propellerhead Software (makers of Reason and Record, as in-house artist relations and all round Reason expert and sound designer, he is the goto person for a lot of the artist’s when they get stuck, even at 2am. Just ask A Guy Called Gerald or DJ Pierre. He creates Re-Fills for Reason under his own name,  and music for them to showcase what is possible with the software, as he travels around the world performing, giving demos and training seminars on Propellerhead products.
James has released many records since 1993. As Influx on Sapho records, a sister label of UK label Rising High. His first ambient album, Atmospherics was released in 1994 on well respected label Rising High. He also releases on Isophlux Records (as Influx and Protocol), Analog Records (as Influx), BML Records (as Influx) and now on Three Sixty Records. Please See for his complete discography.

In 1997 he teamed up with DJ Ed Weingarten (aka Displacer) and formed the act Expansion Union, releasing music on Wax Trax!/TVT records. The song “Playing with Lightning” from the album “World Wide Funk” was featured in the hit movie “Blade” and used on the multi gold selling soundtrack CD from the film.

James spent many years also as the face of Korg, doing demos for the Electribe series and also as part of the Korg Sound Design team, where he created sounds and patterns for many of their synths including… EA-1/ER-1/ES-1/EMX1, MS2000, microKorg, The Legacy Collection and many others.

Release Date: March 27th
Artist:James Bernard
Release: Guidance EP
Genre: Electronic/Dubstep
CAT No: TST0002
Label: Three Sixty Tunes/Three Sixty records
Format: EP
Territory: Global Digital Release
1. Never Let You Go
2. Guidance and Courage
featuring Olivia Broadfield
3. My Inspiration
4. My Inspiration (Anger Management RMX)

James Bernard – Atmospherics
James Bernard – New Life
James Bernard – Flashback