Sr Mandril - Sr Mandril

Sr Mandril – Sr Mandril

Sr Mandril´s debut album is considered one of the 10 best releases by Rolling Stone Latin America.

Sr Mandril – Sr Mandril

Genres: Electronic/World/Latin

Release Info

Release Date: Out Now
Artist: Sr Mandril
Release: Sr mandril
Genre: Electronic/World/Latin
CAT No: TSD381
Label: Three Sixty Records
Format: Digital, Reel to Reel
Distributor: IODA – Digital
Territory: Global Release
Album Art: Photo by Redboy


01 Reino De La Luna – 5:28
02 Lover – 6:54
03 El Otro Joe – 4:47
04 Brillo – 6:00
05 Um Passo – 4:57
06 Sr Mandril – 5:46
07 Walking Man – 5:07
08 Las Maniobras de David – 5:17
09 Um Passo (Flux Remix) – 4:51
10 Lover (Darkhorse Remix) – 5:20
11 Lover (Flux Remix) – 5:05

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Album Notes

The album was produced by Sr Mandril in co-production with Discos Konfort. With special collaborations by Bishop and Flux in the creation of 2 remixes. The new album also comes with a brand new mixes of Brilloand Lover from Three Sixty Records head honcho, Darkhorse. This album has also been re-mastered.

Representing Mexico in Montreal
Rolling Stone
“With an excellent mix of lounge and acid jazz, Sr Mandril conquered the audience in both presentations at the 27th edition of the Montreal International Jazz Festival. Ramsés Ramírez and Germán González captivated the audience with their music…”

The 10 best latin CD´s of 2006
Rolling Stone (february 2006)
Sr Mandril´s debut album is considered one of the 10 best releases by Rolling Stone Latin America.

Mexico City’s Sr Mandril lives up to its district’s new global reputation on this experimental effort. Fronted by Germán González and Ramsés Ramírez, this group’s future-jazz sound bridges programmed and live instrumentation for a freeform output that never quite follows one steady sonic path. It’s no wonder Sr. Mandril was such a huge hit at Montreal’s Jazz Fest in 2006-these guys thrive on improvisation. On any given track, one can expect to hear a new amalgam-“El Otro Joe,” for one, features elements of soulful house, Latin rock, and jazz. Because of Sr. Mandril’s jam-band style, though, these tunes may be better enjoyed when played on the stage.

Sr Mandril – Tierra by Three Sixty Records