Sr Mandril

Sr Mandril

Genres:Jazz/Funky House/Electro-acoustic

Sr.Mandril´s first album was released on 2005 when Germán González and Ramsés Ramírez mixed their ideas on the creation of this project. This way the electronic elements are combined with acoustic and electrical instruments, creating a construction of colours, sounds and influences that go from acid jazz and ambient to latin, and from lounge to funk with a slice of house.

After releasing a debut homonym album, which “Rolling Stone” considered one of the 10 best latin albums of the year , Sr. Mandril released it´s second production in 2008, “Terragroove”, which was considered by “Indie Rocks Mag” one of the 100 best albums of the decade with an exquisit blend of funk, acid jazz, and rock with electronic and latin elements.

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