Jimmy the Fingers

Jimmy the Fingers

Genres: Electronica / House / Indie

Artist Bio

The Debut single from Jimmy The Fingers is positive message to all the girls out there, in a way only Jimmy The Fingers could do. The Single comes with remixes from The Melovskys of Mexico City and Darkhorse from San Francisco.

Look out for the increasingly popular video to the single shot by Steve Glashier at Nothing To See Here productions, with a little help from a lot of friends, and fast becoming a hit on youtube

Born under a bad sign between a rock and a hard place, Jimmy soon hit the skids and took to loitering outside the local chip shop in his cape, playing his demo on an old ghetto blaster whilst scrabbling around for tit-bits and narrowly avoiding kebab meat thrown at him for trying to drink peoples beer. Darkhorse AKA Graham Shrimpton of Three Sixty Records heard the tape, found him covered in chips in a nearby dumpster, dusted him down, and discovered the kid actually had some talent. Taking him on and producing his debut album for release on Three Sixty Records. Graham co-produced the Grammy winning album Global Drum Project.

“Imagine Prince and Beck fighting over cider, Frank Zappa and Jack Johnson taking bets in the corner, dirty electro is playing in the background on the jukebox and you’ve got the Jimmy The Fingers sound.” 360

In his youth Jimmy busted out toons under the monikers Superdense Child and Zooface, and as a DJ has rubbed shoulders with the likes of Afrika Bambaata, Radio One’s Breezeblock show, Rahzel, Krafty Kuts, The Herbaliser, Fatboy Slim, Bonobo, and many more. He played keys in bands with Quantic, TM Juke, and Alice Russell from blossoming Brighton label Tru Thoughts. Then he found out he could sing, so he struck out on his own. Nowadays he works live with Kaoss Pads, synths and a cape.

“Jimmy The Fingers writes about life as he sees it; a joyous and just plain silly occasion, marred only by the wonders of temptation and the melancholy. His musical stylings ever changing, he’s always one step ahead of the kids.” 360