Paul Littlewood - Butterfly House EP

Paul Littlewood – Butterfly House EP

Paul Littlewood has a signature arrangement style, a way of doing songs. No fancy tricks, no production wizardry, just subtly changing low-key textures and a voice. Born and raised in South Yorkshire in the North of England he has spent most of his 30 years writing and performing, developing a sound which is uniquely inspired by his changing surroundings. A huge fan of lo-fi, all of his compositions are recorded on a beloved Zoom MRS-1266, 8 track recorder, giving listeners freedom to find in them what they wish.

“This is not music that forces its meanings on the listener, but if you give it some attention, and some time, you may well find these transparently beautiful sounds become an integral part of your landscape.” Oliver Ardetti


Now Then Magazine ‘Poignant and ethereal blues music.’

Release Date: Out Now
Artist: Paul Littlewood
Release: Butterfly House EP
Genre: Lo-Fi/Indie/Folk
CAT No: TSD407
Label: Three Sixty Records
Format: Digital, Analog Reel to Reel
Distributor: IODA – Digital
Territory: Global Release
UPC: 084854294709
Cover art photo by Gillian Kalisky

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Track-listing: All FCC OK.
1 State of Mind 3:36 – USBTX1200014
2 Blindfold 4:02 – USBTX1200010
3 Citadel 3:46 – USBTX1200011
4 Daylight 3:50 – USBTX1200012
5 Falling Rocks 3:22 – USBTX1200013

Lo-Fi Recording Equipment list

Zoom MRS-1266 8 track recorder
ADK Condenser Mic
SM57 Dynamic Mic
D112 Dynamic Mic
Epiphone EJ 200 Acoustic gtr
Yamaha SG 200 Electric gtr
Fender strat (mexican)
Hohner electric piano
Yamaha APX 5NA Acoustic gtr
Korg Monotron Synth
Electro Harmonix Gtr Synth Pedal
Sennheiser Headphones

Photo by Chis Saunders