Cambodian Arts

Three Sixty Records has signed a deal to release recordings from the Cambodian Living Arts project. Three Sixty will be giving 100% of income from the song sales back to CLA to help support the program.

claimage_cla_windowCambodian Living Arts, a project of World Education, works to support the revival of traditional Khmer performing arts and to inspire contemporary artistic expression. CLA supports arts education, mentorship, networking opportunities, education, career development, and income generating projects for master performing artists who survived the Khmer Rouge as well as the next generation of student artists. We work with the vision that by the year 2020, Cambodia will experience a cultural renaissance so dynamic that the arts will become the country’s international signature.

CLA promotes an appreciation of the Khmer performing arts by sponsoring and supporting concerts, recitals, performances, and demonstrations to a wide range of audiences. Some of the CLA-sponsored classes practice art forms now that are quite rare, and CLA’s support helps to make these traditional art forms more accessible to local Khmer, both rural and urban, as well as to travelers and students from around the world.

sarikakeocover_250In doing so, CLA empowers arts students and masters to develop the performance skills and social and professional networks that will help them to make a living through the arts. Since 2003, the number of performances by masters and students has increased by 400% due to CLA’s support; consequently, some performing groups earn from $200-$4,000+ more in income each year from performances alone. 

The place of traditional performing arts is also changing; where once many shows were sponsored through local wats, the royal family, or private families for private celebrations or rituals, now traditional performances may also be incorporated into hotel or restaurant receptions, staged touring productions, educational initiatives, school partnerships, artisanal stores, television shows, and more. Through the performing program, Cambodian Living Arts supports the masters and students to take better advantage of the changing opportunities available to them.

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