The Furze - Sub Kicks

The Furze – Sub Kicks

After many years playing live together The Furze felt it time to try and capture the essence of the songs they had been performing live to audiences for the last two years. Through creative means they pulled together the cash to record at the famous Sawmills Studios (XTC, Oasis, Supergrass and many more). Sawmills were open to helping out, and gave the boys a week to get in (By boat) and record an album (its on an island). Working with Tom, they set about recording their songs, so that what you hear on the album is what you will hear live. No studio trickery, Guitars were doubled and tripled by recording three different amps at the same time, Rhythm, bass and guitar sections were laid down at the same time in single takes. The end result being the capturing on tape the sound that is The Furze. If you have ever seen them live, then you will know!

The Furze – Subterranean Kicks

Genres: Alternative/ Rock/ Indie

Release Info

Release Date: Out Now
Artist: The Furze
Release: Subterranean Kicks
Genre: Alternative/ Rock/ Indie
CAT No: TSD378
Label: Three Sixty Records
Format: Digital & CD
Distributor: IODA – Digital
Territory: Global Release
Album Art: Paul Seaman

01. Gods On Vacation – 3.56
02. I’m On Fire – 2.29
03. Carry Me Home – 3.17
04. Hope The Light – 2.47
05. UTC – The Big Lock In – 4.15
06. Please Me – 2.21
07. Lunatic – 3.27
08. Up In Arms – 2.39
09. Stolen Cars – 6.07
10.Stargazing For Icecream – 4.27

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