Kid Galahad

Kid Galahad

The abandoned car belonging to the band Kid Galahad was found in a car park along the coast of South East Cornwall. The car was found the morning after a gig the band had played in High Wycombe. It seems they left the gig and drove straight to Cornwall due to recording commitments. A search of the immediate area, especially in the pubs and strip clubs turned up nothing. A spokesman for the band said “it’s like they just vanished.” All that was found in the car was a pair of Wallace and Gromit Boxer shorts and a tape in the player of their Triumph Herald. It was reported that on the night of their disappearance there were strange lights in the sky over Cornwall and locals report hearing strange noises.??The Tape was turned over to us here at Three SIxty Records in the USA via it’s long standing relationship with the band by the bands estate controllers.??As a tribute to the Band that was Kid Galahad we have mastered the music found on the Tape and are releasing the music that was found.?A set of recordings that you will agree defines the talented song writing abilities of a band that will be missed.??A history of the band??Individually creative with a thirst for musical perfection and knowledge, it was not until the four school friends (Ash, Cavey, Paul and Wookie) came together as Kid Galahad that their creative spark was fully ignited.

After some time spent doing the inaugural lap on the live circuit, Kid Galahad were snapped up by independent label, Ignition Records. This meeting of artistic minds resulted in the genesis of their debut album, Gold Dust Noise. This album received critical acclaim by the music press and more importantly the (ever increasing) mass of Kid Galahad fans. Though the relationship with Ignition is no more, the last 24 months have probably been amongst the busiest for Kid Galahad. ??Kid G a.k.a Kid Galahad recorded and released their first album in 2001 called GOLD DUST NOISE .  A collaboration with Ignition Records (Oasis and Mercury Rev ), and producer Jim Abbiss (Bjork ,Sneaker Pimps ,U.N.K.L.E., DJ Shadow).  The album was critically well received with the E.P. STEALIN BEATS , acclaimed by BBC Radio One and NME as “Single of the week”.  ??

Kid G have toured the U.K playing along side a huge variety of acts like Oasis , Supergrass ,The Darkness ,Marillion to the Kaiser Chiefs & Kings of Leon , as well as headlining many sets, affirming Kid G as “one of the best live acts on the scene” – Sir Bob Geldof .?   ?They have been to the USA twice once for a short tour in California … beginning with an Aids charity gig in Golden Gate Park, SF, and in L.A. by headlining at the famed Troubadour and dropping in to support the legendary Elliot Smith (R.I.P).  ??The other time was to team up with film makers Hotbed, to score the film, Happily Even After out on DVD in November 2005, starring Jason Behr, Marina Black and Fay Masterson, Directed by Unsu Lee, produced by Paul Barnett.??Latest projects include “Happily, Even After” (Hotbed), scoring & appearing in the movie “Hello You” directed by John Keates as themselves, landing a track “Stealin Beats” on the Konami  game “Dancing Stage Megamix.“ The Konami PS2 game has sold well over 500,000 copies globally. Other TV credits are; Eastenders (BBC1/PBS), Teachers (ITV/BBC America), Good Girls Don’t (Oxygen/BBC2) , Burton Snowboards (NBC) and Apple Computers(web).  ???

“…One of our most effervescent pop bands… “Stealin’ Beats” sets camp midway between Air and The Strokes, knocks out a fizzy pajama party pop masterpiece” – NME

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