James Bernard - Atmospherics

James Bernard – Atmospherics

This is a classic electronic album from 1994. James Bernard has a long and critically well received career in music, he works for Propellerhead Software (makers of Reason) as in-house artist relations and all round Reason expert, he is the go to person for a lot of the artist’s when they get stuck, even at 2am. Just ask A Guy Called Gerald or DJ Pierre.

James Bernard – Atmospherics – Re-Mastered

Genres: Electronic / Ambient / Synth

Release Info

Release Date: Out Now
Artist: James Bernard
Release: Atmospherics
Genre: Electronic / Ambient / Synth
CAT No: TSD376
Label: Three Sixty Records
Format: Digital, Reel to Reel
Distributor: IODA – Digital
Territory: Global Release
Album Art:


01. Euph – 10.57
02. Complete Nonsense – 10.21
03. Helix – 7.41
04. Phosphorus – 10.42
05. Mars Rain – 6.46
06. Lost in it – 9.41
07. FM – 4.24
08. Odyssey – 11.42
09. Genetic Experiment – 3.01

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