boyChild New Release

boyChild New Release

After amassing a large following on Facebook,we are
proud to announce the debut release from the talented
boyChild, with vocals from Soundmouse.Includes remixes
from Vika, Bug Compass and Darkhorse.

Artist Summary

Genres: Electronica / Glitch / Indie

Release Info

Release Date: May 24th 2011
Artist: boyChild
Release: Counting What Ifs (feat Soundmouse)
Genre: Electronic/Glitch/Indie
CAT No: TSD402
Label: Three Sixty Records
Format: Digital, Reel to Reel
Distributor: IODA – Digital
Territory: Global Release
Album Art: boyChild

1. Counting What Ifs (feat. Soundmouse) (Original) 4:19 USBTX1100017
2. Counting What Ifs (feat. Soundmouse) (No Beats) 4:16 USBTX1100018
3. Counting What Ifs (Vika Remix) 3:07 USBTX1100019
4. Counting What Ifs (feat. Soundmouse) (Bug Compass Remix) 4:09 USBTX1100020
5. Counting What Ifs (feat. Soundmouse) (Darkhorse Ambient Room Remix) 5:57 USBTX1100021

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Artist Bio’s

boyChild was initially inspired to start creating music in the early 90’s when pirate radio was the main source of new and exciting music. Hours would be spent taping and cataloguing these shows on cassettes accompanied by constant aerial tweaking. A chance discovery of a copy of MED (a basic tracker music program) meant that this boy’s life would now follow a different path.

After many years locked away studying his craft, boyChild at last settled on his own sound. Described by others as beautiful and melancholic, it is electronic in its construction, but with an organic and human feel to it. With glitching electronic noises working alongside real piano, violin and cello part the result is a unique combination of cold and warm, sad and uplifting. The genre is hard to pin down, and this is deliberate.

Influences (but not necessarily sound-a-likes) include modern classical/soundtrack artists such as Craig Armstrong, Philip Glass, Hans Zimmer, to electronic artists like Venetian Snares, The Flashbulb and of course The Prodigy, who were a large influence in boyChild’s formative years.

A humble studio setup keeps things simple and allows ideas to form quickly and naturally. The technology comes second place to letting a story be told. Each musical project is based around a particular memory, often from childhood.

Our newest member to the Three Sixty fold. His first release will be the single “Counting What Ifs,” featuring Soundmouse.

Soundmouse, so called because of her sweet and soft, almost delicate vocal sound, has always been musical, playing piano from a very young age. Initially attracted to the technology and production side of music, singing wasn’t part of her master plan at first. But a chance meeting with a Bristol dubstep producer called Phaeleh quickly whisked her from obscurity into an emerging scene, suddenly finding her vocals on a Ministry of Sound Compilation and as an NME download of the week, amongst other things.

Soundmouse’s intention with vocals is to convey emotion in the sound and tone, focusing on the delivery of words. The overall sound is soft with layers and harmonies to build intensity subtly, instead of the usual diva-like belters.

Vocal influences include the Icelandic Emilliana Torrini and Bjork. Her musical influences vary quite a bit, usually combining her passion for folk and acoustic music with glitchy electronica. These include Nosaj Thing, Mum, Bibio, The Tiny and Nick Drake.

As well as several collaborative projects as a singer, Soundmouse is also currently working on her debut E.P. encompassing elements of laptop folk and glitch, fused with delicate vocal melodies, and there is much more to come….


Viktoriya Yermolyeva graduated with honours from Kiev Lysenko Specialized Music High School (1996), piano class of Prof. Iryna Lipatova and National P. Tchaikovsky Music Academy of the Ukraine (2000), piano class of Prof. Igor Ryabov. She studied in the Franz Liszt Academy of Music in Weimar (D), postgraduate course with Prof. Peter Waas and simultaneously in the years 2001-2003, studied in the International Piano Academy “Incontri col Maestro” in Imola (I) with Prof. Lazar Berman. In the years 2003-2006 Viktoriya Yermolyeva studied in the Codarts Academy of Music and Modern Dance, at Rotterdam Conservatory, the Netherlands and graduated with honours from postgraduate course with Prof. Aquiles Delle-Vigne. She participated in many prestigous master classes and worked under Prof. Vladimir Krainev, Norma Fisher, Viktor Merzhanov, Diane Andersen, Karl-Heinz Kammerling. Viktoriya is award-winning pianist with long-term experience of public appearances as Concert Performer solo and with Symphonic Orchestras, Accompanist and Artist of Chamber Ensemble and certificated piano teacher. She took part in Musical Festivals in Kiev (Ukraine), in Sorrento, Spoleto, Novara, Vietri sul Mare (Italy), in Amsterdam (Grachtenfestival 2005), in Leipzig (EuroArts 2006).
As a soloist she has been appearing with Dninpropetrovsk Symphonic Orchestra with the conductor Blinov, Mykolaiv Symphonic Orchestra with the conductor Oleksandr Roman’ko, Chernigiv Symphonic Orchestra with the conductor Mykola Sukach, Kaunas Chamber Orchestra with the conductor Pavel Berman, Orchestra Sinfonica di Sanremo with the conductor M o Fabiano Monica, Jena Philharmonic Symphonic Orchestra with the conductor Kohei Sodeoka.

She won prizes in many piano competitions, among others:
1st Prize at “Filippo Trevisan” International for Piano Interpretation (I).
Winner of The Grachtenfestival 2005 Amsterdam
1st Prize at 35th International Competition “”Vincenzo Bellini”(I)
1st Prize at 20th International Piano Competition “Citta di Marsala” (I)
1st Prize at International Piano Competition “Citta’ Di Trani” (I).
1st Prize at 4th Sigismund Thalberg International Piano Prize (I)
Grand Prix at 9th Pierre Lantier International Music Competition in duet with V.Dmitriev (flute) (Fr).

Watch Vik’s Videos Here on vkgoeswild’s Channel

Boychild was inteviewd by Grungecake, read the rest here

How did boyChild come to be? What is the significance of the boyChild character?

Well, for as long as I can remember my younger sister has called me boychild. I don’t know when it started, or why, but it seemed to stick and so it was the obvious choice for an alter ego. The idea of having this other character front my musical output appealed to me. I wanted something to hide behind ‘cos I’m shy. And when I stumbled across this designer who had these illustrations of the boy character it all just seemed to fit. I had been making music years ago, very different to what I make now, but then I stopped, for quite some time. Personal events led me to get inspired to do it again, and with a new and more focused direction. And this time I had a name and an identity.